Illustrations enhance your brands message and helps your business express emotion.​ The power of illustration on businesses is to appear friendly to their customers and communicate a stronger messages. Illustrations can persuade, inform, attract, impact, and influence your customers. 


Playing Cards:Face Card 10 of Cubs, Queen of Cubs and Back of the Cards

I created the whole design and art for this project. The inspiration for this project is the Mexican culture. Therefore, each card design has a meaning. 
Mexico is a country full of traditions and the Face Card 10 of Cubs represents “The Day Of The Dead.” 

The Mexican culture has many different types of dances. I designed the Face Card Queen of Cubs the Folkloric Dance.


The Nopal is known as the green heart of Mexico because Mexican people use it as food, medicine and we can even find it in the Mexican flag.  

Buddhist Art: Ganesh and Buddha

I created the design and art for this project. The inspiration for these drawings came from the buddhist ideology, art, and methodology. 


Catholic Art: Saint Jude and Jesus Christ

This is an inspirational art I created base on catholic art 

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